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©1996—2023 CMARA

This is the W1BIM Repeater

Freq: 146.97 PL: 114.8
Trustee: Greg Algieri, WA1JXR

Jim Singer, N1EKO (President)
Tom Gauvin, NE1NH
(Vice President)
Patrick Perkins, KO1NE (Treasurer)
Dan Rau, K1RAU (Secretary)
Lyn Glagowski, WB1CCL

Board of Directors
Greg Algieri, WA1JXR
Connor Gumbrell, KC1MMT
George Gumbrell, KA3RLZ
Gil Hayes, WK1H
Selina Lovett, KC1SDL
Adrian Zeffert, AB2IX

CMARA History

Central Massachusetts
Amateur Radio Association


CMARA - A Brief History

Essentially, the archive initiated by myself and researched by Field and Education Services confirms that there were three successive and integrally linked clubs serving amateur radio in Worcester.

The first, founded in the early 1930's was the Central Massachusetts Radio Assoc., formally affiliated with ARRL on March 13, 1935.

It endured through the Depression and World War II, and by 1948, five of of its members (the "Magnificent Five"), along with new generation members, formed the Hilltopper A. R. A., and continued the ARRL affiliation. By 1953, the club had grown and was reformulated and incorporated as Central Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association.

The ARRL affiliation has continued and ARRL Representatives conferred a plaque honoring the 65th year of ARRL Affiliation of CMARA's three phases at a celebration on March 23, 2000, (CMARA 65th Affiliation Celebration) featuring presentations on the archives.

Sincerely and 73,

Carolyn, N1SKM President 2000-2002
Dave, AE1DG President 2003-2004
Scott, KB1EZF President 2005-2014
Bob, KB1VUA President 2015-2018
Brian Loverro, K1BML 2019-2022
Jim Singer, N1EKO 2023-Present

For an indepth narration of the Club's History click here!

On The WEB Since 1996

  • In The Beginning There was 1MPY 1996 to 1998
  • KE1HF 1999 to 2000
  • KE1HF and KA1WOC 2000 to FALL 2002
  • FALL 2002 TO 2003 - AE1DG and KB1GNC
  • 2003 TO Winter 2007 - AE1DG
  • 2008 TO Summer 2008 - W1VBF
  • Summer 2008 TO Present - WB1CCL

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Central Amateur Radio Association By-Laws

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