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Field Day 2023!

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©1996—2023 CMARA

This is the W1BIM Repeater

Freq: 146.97 PL: 114.8
Trustee: Greg Algieri, WA1JXR

Jim Singer, N1EKO (President)
Tom Gauvin, NE1NH
(Vice President)
Patrick Perkins, KO1NE (Treasurer)
Dan Rau, K1RAU (Secretary)
Lyn Glagowski, WB1CCL

Board of Directors
Greg Algieri, WA1JXR
Connor Gumbrell, KC1MMT
George Gumbrell, KA3RLZ
Gil Hayes, WK1H
Selina Lovett, KC1SDL
Adrian Zeffert, AB2IX

CMARA History

Central Massachusetts
Amateur Radio Association



The yearly dues rates are:
  • $25.00
  • Family member-$5.00
  • Over 65 senior discount-$5.00

Our “dues year” is aligned with the calendar year, January through December.

If you are behind on dues more than a year, the Association is always glad to receive past due dues but you can just pay full year dues for the current year to get back in good standing.

To pay by check, make it out to “CMARA”, include your callsign plus the callsigns of any family members, and mail it to:

Central Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 60411
Worcester, MA 01606-0411U

OR To pay via PayPal:

DO NOT choose a “payment” tab for a purchase of goods or service. We are a non-profit and do not sell goods or services, and will get warned by PayPal if we get these types of payments.

And, if possible, please avoid the Association being charged a transaction fee by using your PayPal balance or link to a bank account.

Log into your PayPalAccount

  1. On the “Welcome” screen click “Send”
  2. Type into the “Email” box
  3. Click “Next”
  4. If you see the following image Click “Change”

    and select “Sending to a friend”
  5. Fill in the $$ amount
  6. In the “Add a note” box, put your call, family callsigns, year(s) being paid.
  7. Click “Continue”.
  8. Select your payment method

    and click “Next”
  9. Confirm the transaction by clicking “Send Payment Now”

  10. Congratulations! You just paid your CMARA Dues via